Lookout Scouts intently look like a somewhat bigger player with specific oval sacs on its head.

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Lookout Scouts intently look like a somewhat bigger player with specific oval sacs on its head.

The lookout (sometimes called “Tentacles,” “Tendrils,” or “Feeler”) considered unique opponents from inside the complex and act as an energy multiplier by warning and dialing enemies into athlete. The lookout is one of the very few opponents found which do not rest, instead make an effort to patrolling the company’s marked locations and regularly increasing longer tendrils so to identify threats. If a person comes in contact with its tendrils (or feelers), it’ll emit a loud shout, awakening any regional foes and creating new ones near.


Scouts directly are like a rather bigger Shooter with different oval sacs on their mind. Since they show a comparable looks to Shooters, the two hold a large amount of tendrils familiar with look for dangers. These best appear when the Scout is absolutely not patrolling and never alarmed. Unlike sleepers, which radiate bright red, Scouts will beam a definite light-blue tone when informed.


The lookout possesses a likelihood of creating merely in many spaces, most of which are typically critical to the conclusion of an objective. They generate an audio like deafening, bare step since they stroll. This noise is definitely clear through gates, enabling users discover well before their unique appeal.

Behavior [ ]

The lookout’s primary purpose is always to determine the players when they are in stealth. It can do check over here this by patrolling areas in a random structure, making it tough to predict the exercise. It sporadically extends its very long tendrils everywhere, then when it makes touching any user it really is alerted associated with professional’s occurrence. This will make the Scout hard to approach for a silent melee remove.

As soon as notified through call made with the tendrils, they’re going to shine purple and the lookout will retract these people for a extent before emitting a pink lamp and screaming. This illumination furthermore implies the invulnerability with this fee and yell period. Noisy noises in the same area like gunfire, a sleeper dying (near), and various other informed sleepers’ cries will immediately cause the lookout. Immediate phone or an assault which cannot destroy they instantaneously may instantly result in they.

The Scout’s shout will alert opposition in today’s space, it will spawn an additional wave of enemies additionally of this latest things regarding the map, and these freshly spawned foes can scream and wake close suite if members are generally close. If too nearby, the Scout’s yell may even quickly deafen the gamer.

Immediately after the yell, the lookout will be amazed on the floor for a couple mere seconds (see screen grab below), consequently growing to be vulnerable again and aggressive. The lookout offers a medium level of health, and its particular assault layouts are just like that from top Shooters. Poor melee problems, it maintains its space, firing blasts of four projectiles within users, every one of them dealing 4% destruction. If murdered after are alerted, it will make a loud and serious growling noise.

Tricks [ ]

The lookout should killed really short span of the time so that you can prevent they from coming to be invulnerable. It’s a good idea to measure the totality of a scenario before attacking they (gates to help keep sealed, markets to retreat to, etc.).

Stealth remove [ ]

  • A totally chargedmelee hit-in the top will stealth kill a lookout. The player are able to use C-foam to produce this task a lot simpler and less risky, thus giving a supplementary five a few seconds to do the destroy (however wants a charged melee combat). This will even be performed any time a Scout’s tendrils are generally made longer if there won’t be any sleepers all around, as there can be a small period (2 a few seconds) after holding the tendrils where you are able to however eliminate they previously screams.
  • The sniper rifle will one-shot a Scout through the mind. The harm may be hushed if your user gets rid of they from far and from a different sort of place (35 meters appears to be minimal necessary).

Standard kill [ ]

  • a mine can be put in the Scout’s chest muscles way to detonate and one-shot it. (know: watch out in order to put the mine along with its lazer straight away touch the Scout, the mine will increase the pro)
  • The push shotgun will prevent a lookout within go, supposing the player try in close proximity adequate to make the pellets reach either the head and the backside. Headshots are easier to acquire once the lookout bends off.